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Short Entry.

    Just dropping in to say today was extremly boring, i sat in front of the computer most of the day. WOOT
Also, i go back to school tomorrow,... ick... oh well, i'm really bored but getting kicked off the computer,
*NOTE TO SELF* buy a laptop haha.
anyways peace.

Night time

     So my movie sucked, i'd rather have a nice violent film to watch, haha.
I made a very cute 4 minute movie for someone, and i can't wait till they see it. I hope it makes them smile.
So the stupid boy that i was suppose to go to the movie with decided to tell me things won't work, so whatever, i don't care about this anymore, i will find someone someday. I have a new friend, we will call her mme.sanatonio, haha, i have known her forever, but shes still a "new" friend, for reasons she knows. We are definaly the coolest people alive.
    This year i hope to let very little things bother me, i hope to take a new handle on life. I'm not usually a new years resolution type of girl, because lets face it, i hardly stick with them for more than a month, but as i am getting a bit older, i think its time to grow up and mature, stop letting little things bother me. I don't wanna look back on my high school years as terrible memories. When someone asks me how my high school years were i want to be able to say they were the best three years of my life. I want to find out who my true friends are and who aren't.
    Seeing as it is January.1.08 i am going to start to change, but only for the better, it may not make the ones around me happy, but as long as I'm happy it will be good. I like being able to write all my random thoughts somewheres, i guess this is the place, ;D.

its now 2008

And i took the first step, i called him and told him i was taking him to the movies tomorrow, he'll probably bail out on me, i now things aren't easy for either of us, i just wish he would understand how much i care about him, i wish he knew everything, i wish he knew of the times i have spent thinking about how much my life has been better since he walked into it, and i hope he doesn't walk out anytime soon, he knows how to make me happy and knows how to make me smile, he is different then any guy i have ever fell for, and if i get hurt, i just might crawl under a rock and die, Okay maybe i will crawl under a rock and cry for a few days more like weeks.

I am sorta happy i guess, its now 2008 and its time to start trying to make a change in my life, and do the things on my list (see previous entry) *ice cream break* haha i had a random craving for ice cream, and dug through the freezer for some. Udderly devine<3 woot,

In 2007, i had a lot of bad experiences and a lot of heart ache, i hope for in 2008 that i have zero to little heartache, and that i am happy, for once, *randomness i know*


Idoit boys, so i was right he bailed on me last frigging night well actually it was like 2am this morning... woohoo. So i was like fine i don't care anymore. So me and my friend are gonna go to a movie now, so atleast i know i have one friend, I'm being told to go and unload the dishwasher, and i don't think i will, i need to have a shower, and all that fun stuff. On top of everything, I'm pretty tired, and i am listening to Britney Spears, *piece of me* . Hey atleast when i go to pick up my friend i can drive, i haven't drove in a while.  And i get my full in like 21 days =D, thats exciting, except i think i will fail. which isn't gonna be good, it would suck really bad.

Anywho i will go have a shower and go to a movie today, so i will msg on here like tomorrow or something, =)

2008 Baby

New year resolutions are so overrated, but here i am thinking about what i want to do this year, what I'd like to accomplish, So i think I'm going to create a list, and you guys, anyone who is actually looking at this can see how I'm doing, so here i go, I will write the things in red and when they aren't red anymore it means i have accomplished them.! OH and if its blue, its in the process of being done =)

-Stand on my own two feet
-Be more open with people
-Not be a bitch
-Find out who my real friends are
-Fall in love
-Be strong
-Don't get hurt
-Be skinny
-Keep my job
-Accomplish something important
-Grow my hair
-Stop killing my hair
-Be happy
-Be honest
-Be myself, for once,
-Not to hide from the world,
-Post on this almost everyday, to say how i am feeling,

So as you can see i have a few things i need to accomplish and i bet i wont even accomplish half cause I'm a loser,

Why Cant it be you?

When did my life turn out like this?
When did it flip right around?
When did i become the one with all the problems?
When you came in my life is when.

I've been told to stay strong
Not let you hurt me
I've been told not to wait for you
But see i need you

No i know i dont need you
All i need is myself
All i need is my strength
All i need is someone to love.

And why cant that be you?

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